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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not my cup of tea

This must have been the hundredth maze game out there and it wasn't good at all. The fact that it can easily be beaten by just right clicking shows lack of effort on your part. And I guess you are a beginner at flash.

Simple lines colored in not much of an amazement here. Nothing to stand out except the rainbow one which looked sloppy.

Audio is something this game could use to improve. A simple song from the audio portal would do, just to make it a bit more entertaining.

nope none here then again most maze games don't include plots to go along with them.


As I stated before the fact that the game can be easily finished with just a right click makes it not at all entertaining. This could be easily fixed with programming so that right clicks would immediately cost the player the game.

Addition of medals and a timer would at least give us a reason to cheat since there really isn't anything to get after we do.


I understand, you're a beginner and beginners don't just make great games out of nowhere. If you want to be a programmer I recommend you go study it; there are many books written about it. Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve and make better games.

Click The Box Click The Box

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This was too simple not challenging and not enjoyable.


A simple point and click, the fact that used boxes show that you are a beginner. Anyways you have to improve in art if you want to be well known. As far as the art in this game goes it sucked simple boxes that takes seconds to make with a rectangular tool.


No audio at all would have been at least better if you added a song.


haha nope no story at all the title says all there is to do.


This game was easy to make and therefore easy to beat all you did was have a button tweaned and when clicked play the next frame. Little effort put in. But I understand you are a beginner and to you this is an accomplishment and sign that you are improving. It would have been ten times better if you put the box to randomly move around and at a bigger speed to make it more challenging.

You don't even have to use the "tab+enter" command to win all you have to do is line your mouse up with the tween loop and click when it gets close.

more levels is another thing that would it at least make it look like you put effort in it.


I'm sorry but I'm not impressed by this it was an effortless game but you are a beginner and you have lot's to learn hopefully you'll improve and I see it one day.

Interactive Mia Interactive Mia

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I don't find this that enjoyable. I understand you're a beginner but you need criticism.


Not a big fan of this. The art wasn't good, the character's body was off, there was no shading background was stale. You at least added emotion when certain parts of the body were touched and I'll give you points for that. As you are a beginner you should practice more on art, learn some things or two. But as you are a beginner I understand that you are using a mouse and can't really compete against the professional authors who use tablets. Nevertheless Improve on your artwork even if you have to draw by hand.


no audio at all. I would have given you more points if you had taken the time to add a song or better yet sound effects when you interact with the character.


No story found here. Just a simple interact game.


As I said a simple interactive game not much to say about it. Different faces made when certain parts are touched that was a nice touch.


There isn't much I can say except it was simple. A point and click game that offers little features, as I mentioned many times and will do it again you are a beginner so work hard even if you fuck up keep trying you'll eventually get it and maybe even one day see your work on the front page.

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Color485 responds:

*coughs* Testing *coughs* not trying to be a douche *coughs* but interactive games *coughs* don't have a story *coughs* But I like your icon :)

PS: I consider myself awesome at drawing. :)

Jam Jam

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Very simple in fact too simple if you ask me.


These were alright not the best I've seen just a jar of jam and a few blocks. Nothing to really call amazing but not bad at the same time.


The song was good and fitting nothing to complain about here. It was nice and I liked it.


There wasn't one. This was a simple game with simple objectives that everyone could understand seconds after playing the game.


Alright then let's get started, although this game was well made and did not have errors it was too easy. In fact impossible to lose to. In my opinion the fact that all the player had to do was make the jam touch the floor even if it was going to fall made it easy. This is a recommendation here but perhaps you could make it harder by allowing the jar to break if it hits the floor too hard or maybe have a five second check to make sure the jar is still intact with the floor.

Medals would have been a nice addition to the game and help it get more players. I find that fact that you are allowing people to help you in making levels nice

I didn't enjoy it but I can see why others would. It seems fun and simple it was well made. I hope to see more of your stuff around the site.

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Dress up a stickman Dress up a stickman

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

um no.

This is one of the most basic and pretty much bad dress up games I have seen. It shows absolutely little effort. But I also believe that you are a beginner in the world that is Flash which explains the stick figure and the fact that this is a dress up game.


A stickman shows little effort indeed and the fact that there is only two items to put on him shows that you spent little time in this. This would have been a good little test but I don't see you had to submit it.


To my amaze you did this right it's perfectly looped and doesn't over run nor lag, this is the only part that I can say is done right other than the code.Song is quite catchy as well don't forget to give credits to the author

Pretty much all dress up games have no plot or story.

A simple and I mean simple drag and drop game, or dress up, I honestly think you are a beginner but still believe a whole lot of more of effort could be put in, I would have given you more points if you at least more items to drag and drop.

I think you should practice more on both your programming and art skills. Perhaps in the future you could improve and submit some real good games. This game was not enjoyable.

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Madness: Project Nexus Madness: Project Nexus

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not what I expected.

I've been playing this game for quite a while today and well I think honestly that this was ruched on a bit. I understand you guys wanted a February release, but to me it seems that a little more work can go in it. I really hope in the future updates will be made concerning many things that are wrong in the game play.


Nothing bad here just your natural Krinkels art. I see no flaw here.


Cheshyre did a great job on this. As he always does with his music; but I think the music should be looped in the game.


I guess this would only apply to the story mode. Honestly I can saw that I like this, I know it can be hard to make a game about madness especially concerning all of the plot twists that happen in the Madness series. The story in this game I find entertaining.


A nice set of controls but I guess I adapt to this faster having played Minecraft for quite a while.


Simple gameplay walk, aim, shoot and throw.
However, there are many bugs in this game that makes it pretty easy/ unenjoyable

I mostly find these in Arena Combat though:

When an opponent gets close to the can thing he stays "stuck" and is pretty easy to kill then.

Waves four and five appears\ to be really short having ended for me EVEN THOUGH I never finished killing the enemies.

Sometimes in Wave 6 an opponent get's into a walk cycle problem and starts moving his feet, without moving.

Anyway this game does need many improvements and additions to be done. Nevertheless I am impressed and I do love this game.

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Smart Monkey Smart Monkey

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

could be better

Not the worst game I've played, but unfortunately not the best either. Game play wasn't quite well worked on, and became boring after a while.


the graphics could have been a whole lot better, and also that character didn't look like a monkey.(well at least from my point of view).


I didn't find any story, or explanation.


very boring unoriginal, no story what so ever. It looks as if you didn't put much effort in developing this game. But what I found you did well was the addition of a score board, score boards help attract people to play a game so well done on that!


well the only audio that I could hear was from the jump button. If you added at least a song it would have been more enjoyable.

Bottom line this isn't one of the best games I've seen. You seem to need much more to work on, but over time you will get better, I hope to see more of work around the site.

Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A true tribute to the NES

This game has everything you could dream of in a game. With different styles of playing it's hard not to find your favorite one.


Art from the great POXPOWER can only mean, that this will be even better. Each and every piece of art in this game is perfectly done and looks very good. I'm not a big fan of sprites but you guys pulled it off.


This game took 10 years to make so the story has to be good. And it is, basically a "saving this person" type of game which makes it relate even more to NES games.


great video game like music nothing to complain about.

Game play

This game only has no faults to complain about. I have not found one thing that is the matter with the game play. It is challenging but that's what makes it a game that you want to play again, and again.

I cannot express how awesome this game is!

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