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Chocolate Chocolate

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Since you seemed to like me reviewing your last submission I'll review this one. Unfortunately I'm not going to hold back.

No animation at all just frames and little tweens.


What art what animation? I understand you are a beginner but that doesn't mean you can't make great things. This seems like a slideshow done in Powerpoint. This is good for experimenting but I suggest you don't submit short things to newgrounds if you want to better your name here.


Chocolate that's all I pretty much understood nothing of interest nor do i think a story exists.

As I said before in my last review of your submission the audio was well streamed but do to loop it fucks up the whole animation the song keeps on playing again and again over running and making my ears hurt. I can't even understand what it is now.

You should work on how the audio will work with some simple actionscript you can perfectly loop the song I suggest you look into that.


Random loops are submitted daily and half of them are even watchable. But I haven't seen one on chocolate. All you did was add pictures of memes and a chocolate bar not really original sorry.


Bad random, and with horrible song loop. I preferred the Minecraft loop because you at least put effort in drawing it out. But as i always state you are a beginner and you have lots of time to better yourself so don't give up and keep trying!

Lets Play Minecraft Lets Play Minecraft

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Simple with bad graphics then again I guess you are new to animating.


There was no animation other than the moving flashy lights, and the bad mouth moving. No movement at all, just a change of scenes. The looping made it hard to realize when it started and when it ended since I scrolled down to read the reviews first. I suggest you put in a preloader.

The art wasn't good but as I said I guess you are new to animating, so I believe you are using a mouse which few people can master. Not much that you can expect from a new person using a mouse. You at least tried with the moving backgrounds.


After viewing this a couple of times I realize what's happening. The character can't mine for shit so he uses the mod X-ray which helps him spot out diamonds with ease, he then makes a diamond pickax.


Audio fits alright and was nicely streamed at least you got that right. Also I am pretty sure you did not create the song so I'd suggest you give credits to the person who did.


Yeah, no. Minecraft animations aren't known for being that original. But this is the first minecraft animation I saw that involves the use of the X-ray mod.


This was a good start to your animating career. AT LEAST you didn't do stick figures. I recommend you practice and if you really want to get better and do this, practice your drawing skills and perspective as well as your animation. I look forward to seeing your progress. Would give you a one but since it's your first ever and you are starting out I give you a two.

Also it isn't that hard to find diamonds :D

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BlackDiamondPL responds:

Wow thanks for the comment. This animation is s*it. You have the right was created by using the mouse. Really thanks for you. :D

Pissing in the afternoon Pissing in the afternoon

Rated 1 / 5 stars

an endless loop of misery


art work wasn't good. the person's anatomy was way off and the use of colors was horrifying. No shade it looks as if you made this in two hours. No actual animation just two repeating frames of piss.


No story at all, nothing to find good about this.


well at least you put a song. Not the greatest fitting song but I see what you're trying to accomplish with a dramatic song. Something you might put in mind that the song itself does not loop, you should look into that.


I must say I have to give you points for originality. I don't think anyone else here has thought of a scene were a man pisses, looking at the sun while dramatic music is playing.


not one of my favorites I don't find this funny at all, and think you have way more to improve on before you ever touch flash again. But I guarantee if you work hard on it and practice more you will eventually be a top-notch animator.

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papapizza responds:

just a brony

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not my cup of tea

This must have been the hundredth maze game out there and it wasn't good at all. The fact that it can easily be beaten by just right clicking shows lack of effort on your part. And I guess you are a beginner at flash.

Simple lines colored in not much of an amazement here. Nothing to stand out except the rainbow one which looked sloppy.

Audio is something this game could use to improve. A simple song from the audio portal would do, just to make it a bit more entertaining.

nope none here then again most maze games don't include plots to go along with them.


As I stated before the fact that the game can be easily finished with just a right click makes it not at all entertaining. This could be easily fixed with programming so that right clicks would immediately cost the player the game.

Addition of medals and a timer would at least give us a reason to cheat since there really isn't anything to get after we do.


I understand, you're a beginner and beginners don't just make great games out of nowhere. If you want to be a programmer I recommend you go study it; there are many books written about it. Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve and make better games.

Click The Box Click The Box

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This was too simple not challenging and not enjoyable.


A simple point and click, the fact that used boxes show that you are a beginner. Anyways you have to improve in art if you want to be well known. As far as the art in this game goes it sucked simple boxes that takes seconds to make with a rectangular tool.


No audio at all would have been at least better if you added a song.


haha nope no story at all the title says all there is to do.


This game was easy to make and therefore easy to beat all you did was have a button tweaned and when clicked play the next frame. Little effort put in. But I understand you are a beginner and to you this is an accomplishment and sign that you are improving. It would have been ten times better if you put the box to randomly move around and at a bigger speed to make it more challenging.

You don't even have to use the "tab+enter" command to win all you have to do is line your mouse up with the tween loop and click when it gets close.

more levels is another thing that would it at least make it look like you put effort in it.


I'm sorry but I'm not impressed by this it was an effortless game but you are a beginner and you have lot's to learn hopefully you'll improve and I see it one day.

Interactive Mia Interactive Mia

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I don't find this that enjoyable. I understand you're a beginner but you need criticism.


Not a big fan of this. The art wasn't good, the character's body was off, there was no shading background was stale. You at least added emotion when certain parts of the body were touched and I'll give you points for that. As you are a beginner you should practice more on art, learn some things or two. But as you are a beginner I understand that you are using a mouse and can't really compete against the professional authors who use tablets. Nevertheless Improve on your artwork even if you have to draw by hand.


no audio at all. I would have given you more points if you had taken the time to add a song or better yet sound effects when you interact with the character.


No story found here. Just a simple interact game.


As I said a simple interactive game not much to say about it. Different faces made when certain parts are touched that was a nice touch.


There isn't much I can say except it was simple. A point and click game that offers little features, as I mentioned many times and will do it again you are a beginner so work hard even if you fuck up keep trying you'll eventually get it and maybe even one day see your work on the front page.

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Color485 responds:

*coughs* Testing *coughs* not trying to be a douche *coughs* but interactive games *coughs* don't have a story *coughs* But I like your icon :)

PS: I consider myself awesome at drawing. :)

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A path to the end (remix) A path to the end (remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A very good song. I know what you mean by the "spooky", it's very impressive. Keep up the good work.

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TCP - Structureel Preview TCP - Structureel Preview

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


very nice and smooth good job!

tijnn responds:


PX9 - Metropolis (Masq Remix) PX9 - Metropolis (Masq Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Truly amazing nice work! it has a nice touch of techno as well

jpbear responds:

I wouldnt call an 8 amazing :(

Glad you liked it though!

Recent Art Reviews

see no evil see no evil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing work

kiareri responds:

Thank you!

the nice one the nice one

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's an alright piece and looks an awfully like a cartoon however just because it's cartoon doesn't mean anatomy has to be ignored.

Her waist is WAY to skinny to be supporting breasts that big and hips so wide. Her shoulders seem out of place. What disturbed me the most was her nose it seems so out of place and fake. Other than those small problems this is a great piece and I hope to see your work in the future!

baby baby

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

impressive and cute :3

A very impressive sketch. You got a whole lot of things done right including the anatomy and you captured the face and expression very well.

Everything looks about right and it looks as if this took you a lot of time to make. I like the expression of joy found in his, (your) face. The shading was done very well and looks professional. You worked well with your light source and did everything pretty good.

The only thing I'd have to complain would be the ear. You didn't really work that well on it; it's barely visible.

But all things aside this is truly impressive, keep up the good work.